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Tech Crafts is a recognized company in the field of Embedded Systems & Robotics. Tech Crafts aim to deliver its services with complete customer satisfaction. Tech Crafts is a constant facilitator in the field of Embedded System Development, Industrial & Home Automation and Re-Engineering services.

Tech Crafts also engaged in advancements of its products & services with innovative approach.

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Product & Prototype Development

Tech Crafts provides product & prototype development services in the field of Electronics, IoT, Robotics and Embedded System.

Re- Engineering

We believes many technological advances on Earth have resulted from Re-Engineering. Tech Crafts Technologies explore the validity of these arguments.

PCB Designing & Fabrication

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster as our engineering team has significant real world experience.

  • PCB Calculator

Industrial Repairing

Why replacenyour equipment when you can repair for about half the cost of new? we provide truly in-house comprehensive repair services and solutions for industrial equipments.



Industrial & Home Automation

  • Automatic Water Level Controller
  • Wireless Water Level Monitor
  • Smart Home/Office
  • Smart Street Light
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Student Attendance System

Solar PV System

  • Rooftop Solar PV System
  • Off Grid & On Grid PV System
  • Solar Irrigation System

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Tech Crafts strives at creating and maintaining a stimulating working environment that empowers employees to grow as a professional. Our spirit of diversity and equal career opportunities is of benefit for the employees and further strengthens our leadership.

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