Product & Prototype Development

Tech Crafts provides product & prototype development services in the field of Electronics, IoT, Robotics and Embedded System.

    Internet of Things is the most popular domain in industrial and home automation. We are carrying the expertise needed to work in this domain. We provide customized solution to our esteemed customers like Industries, Smart Cities etc.
    • Plant monitoring System
    • Control and operation of machines through Internet
    • Logistic and transport management system
    • Home & Building Security & Automation
    • Parking Management
    • Metering & Power Management
    • Environment & Agriculture
    Automated guided vehicles for warehouses, Robotic manufacturing system and much more can be developed as per customer requirements.
    Embedded Systems
    Various smart and dedicated embedded systems equipped with high end sensor like Thermal Sensor, Motion Sensors, Visible & Infrared Light sensor etc. Long range and Short range RF communication system to help in operation & monitoring of the plant equipments could be developed as per customer requirements.